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Thank you for your support.

We wish to extend a heartfelt thank you to each and every one of our users for the support shown to us over the last four years.  It has been an exciting, challenging and, occasionally frustrating, journey exploring the world of textbook rentals.  It was our users that inspired us to keep going during the gong show known as rush when support requests would get backed up and we felt overwhelmed with all that had to be done to provide everyone with the books that they needed as quickly as we could. 

As of today, we have come to the painful decision to stop taking new textbook orders.  This decision was made over a period of time as we considered changes to the industry and the realities of trying to serve the Canadian market.

If you have questions or books to return, please contact us at for more information.

Thank you for being part of our journey.  It wouldn't have been the same without you!

Life Made Easier

Since we know that you still need textbooks and other supplies in order to be successful in your studies, we have the following for you:

Textbook Sales and Rentals

You can get either print or digital textbooks without paying those ridiculous bookstore prices.  Print books are available through Amazon where they have textbooks on nursing, engineering, business, communications, economics, education and the humanities. For digital books you can choose from the offerings of either Google (iOS or Andoid) or Coursesmart

Grammar and Proofreading Help 

Since you have gone to a lot of work to have that paper be the best it can be, make sure that you aren't losing marks because of something you or your software missed.  Get grammar and proofreading help from Grammarly and get those bonus points!

Ink and Cables

There is nothing worse than having spent a considerable amount of time and effort prepping that awesome submission for that cranky prof, being up against the deadline and running out of toner.  Make sure you are not that guy or girl and get the toner and cables you need cheap! We have been using these guys and couldn't be happier.

Wheels so you can move your stuff

We know how hard it can be to get your stuff moved to where you want it to be; those darned couches just don't cruise down the sidewalk in a shopping cart that easily.  Why not take the headache out of escaping that annoying roomie and get the wheels you need to make a speedy exit? We have a special offer that gives you $25 of free driving!

Discounts on Green Products (Including Gluten-Free)

Now that you have yourself settled into digs that really rock, it's time to stock up on some of those things you have been putting off.  Need some pampering?  What about a favourite new gluten-free recipe or Ayurvedic massage oil? Those lovely ladies at have you covered.